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Why Safer Drivers Course?

When a learner driver passes the driving test and gets their P plates they are 20-30 times more likely to be involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. During the early years of driving solo you are more likely to be involved in a fatal or serious accident. This safer drivers course has been developed specifically for learner drivers aged under 25 years old to help you transition to driving solo.

  • Learn how to be a safer driver
  • Great introduction to the main risk factors affecting young drivers
  • Learn low risk strategies for driving
  • Gain practical experience in applying these low risk strategies

The Safer Drivers Course

The Roads & Maritime services in conjunction with leading road safety experts and educators have developed the leading safer drivers course in the country. As this is an advanced course learner drivers must have at least 50 logbook hours of actual on road driving. The course consists of two modules and at the completion of the course you will receive 20 hours in your logbook.

Module 1

This is a three hour theoretical class lead by a trained facilitator. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 participants, which allows each person to explore specific aspects of safe driving in a relaxed and stress free environment. Through group  discussions and the use of video's participants learn about 

  • Safe driving behavious
  • Low-risk driving
Module 2

Is conducted over two hours with a qualified driving instructor in a dual controlled car. Each learner is given the opportunity  to apply various low risk driving behaviours and Low-risk driving strategies explored in module 1. This part of the course is designed to give you practical hands on experience at applying low risk driving strategies. Under the guidance of your coach you will be given a greater understanding of  various crash types and the risk driving strategies you should use. 

Note Whilst every effort is made to place each learner in their preferred transmission type it may be necessary for some manual drivers to do this part of the course in an automatic car.


RMS Safer Drivers Course

The Australian Driver Trainer Association is an approved provider of the RMS Safer Drivers Course. All participants who complete the course will receive 20 logbook hours.

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