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Safer Drivers Course St Mary's

The safer drivers course is a combined theoretical and practical driving course for learner drivers. Specifically designed to teach safe driving habits to learner drivers aged under 25 years old. Developed by the Roads & Maritime Services this course is considered the best in the country. 

Module 1

Is a three hour group discussion led by a trained facilitator. At the conclusion of this module participants will:

  • Understand that they are at the highest risk of crashing when they first get their P's
  • Understand how to reduce the risk of crashing by adopting safe driving behaviours
  • Understand and build resilience to the impact that peer influence and passenger behaviour can have on cash risks
  • develop strategies to reduce risks associated with motor vehicle accidents
Module 2

Is a two hour in car coaching session with a qualified driving instructor from the Australian Driver Training Association. You will learn how to apply low risk driving techniques in real life situations including

  • Safe following distances
  • Gap selection
  • Speed management
  • Crash Avoidance Spaces
  • Blind Spots

Whilst we will endeavour to place each student in a car of their preferred transmission type, it is a Roads & Maritime Services condition that participants be paired up into groups of two.

Note: It may be necessary for some manual drivers to undertake this part of the course in an automatic vehicle.

Why Safer Drivers Course St Marys

Crash statistics show that young drivers are most at risk of having a fatal or serious accident on our roads. Whilst driving less than other drivers they are over 20 times more likely to be involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. This course has been specifically designed to help learner drivers develop safe driving habits. During this course you will learn a lot about safe driving including:

  • Crash avoidance spaces
  • Hazard Perception
  • Low risk driving strategies
  • Speed management

Safer Drivers Course 20 Hours

When you complete the safer you will receive 20 bonus log book hours. This is in addition to the bonus 20 hours you receive when you complete Ten Hours of driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor. By combining this course with ten driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor you will receive a total of 40 log book hours. 

RMS Safer Drivers Course St Marys

The safer drivers course St Mary's is conducted by the Australian Driver Trainers Association on behalf of the Roads & Maritime Services. Consequently the course is often referred to as the RMS Safer drivers course. We only use qualified driving instructors who conduct driving lessons in the St Mary's area to teach this safer drivers course. This ensures you get highly qualified driving instructors with local knowledge and experience.

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