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  • Sat, 01 Dec 2018, 9:00AM
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Safer Drivers Course Penrith

This course was first introduced by the Roads and Maritime services to help reduce the very high incidence of motor vehicle accidents involving drivers aged under 25 years old. Crash statistics showed that it was young drivers who were most likely to be involved in serious or fatal accidents. The safer drivers course was specifically developed to teach safe driving strategies to learner drivers aged under 25 years old.

The course contains a lot of useful information to help learner drivers become safer drivers. The course is an interactive learning program specifically designed to provoke group discussions and involve the learners in a fun and engaging manner. By utilising short videos and group discussions participants are able to develop a sound understanding of safe driving strategies.

Safer Drivers Course Penrith Module 1

A three hour interactive course conducted in a classroom designed to help participants identify the various risk factors that affect their ability to drive safely! Then when these risk factors are identified we examine different strategies that can be put in place to minimise or eliminate these risk factors. The safer drivers course utilises videos and slides to help participants develop safe driving strategies in a relaxed and stress free environment.

Safer Drivers Course Penrith Module 2

This part of the course is designed to give you the opportunity to put into  practice the things you leaned in module 1. During this two hour driving session you and another learner will be guided by a highly trained driving instructor from the Australian Driver Trainer Association. The driving component of this course has been specifically designed to ensure you get practical hands on experience in a variety of road conditions. This will help you develop and build on the save driving strategies and techniques you have been learning during the course.


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Why should you do the course?

  • Learn how to be a safer driver
  • Fantastic introduction to risk factors that affect drivers under 25 years old
  • Learn how to minimise these risks
  • Learn safe driving techniques
  • Learn from professional driving instructors that specialise in the Penrith area
  • Gain practical experience in applying safe driving techniques


Are there any prerequisites?

  • Must have valid NSW learner licence
  • Must be under 25 years old
  • Must have completed 50 log book hours of actual driving. Excluding 3 for 1 credit for structured driving lessons

Upcoming Safer Drivers Course - Penrith Courses

  • Sat, 01 Dec 2018, 9:00AM
    1 day
    Places Available
    688 High Street Penrith