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Safer Drivers Course Castle Hill

The safer drivers course Castle Hill has been specifically designed to help learner drivers prepare for driving solo when they get their P Plates. First introduced by the Roads & Maritime services in 2013, the course is a fantastic introduction to safe driving strategies. Research shows drivers are most likely to be involved in a fatal accident in the first 6 months of driving solo on their P Plates.

The course teaches learners how to identify and reduce risks associated with driving a motor vehicle.

What things are covered in the course?

Speed Management

Gap Selection

Hazard Perception

Crash avoidance spaces

Safe following distances

Decision Making


As well as learning how to be a safer driver you will also receive 20 log book hours when you complete the course. 

If you also take 10 hours of professional driving lessons, you will receive another 20 log book hours. This is in addition to the ten hours you spent driving in the driving lessons.

That's a total of 50 log book hours when you combine the Safer drivers course with ten professional driving lessons.

What are the prerequisites for this course

Have a valid learners licence

Be under 25

Have 50 actual driving hours in your log book. Excluding additional credits for professional driving lessons.

Please note it is a Roads & Maritime condition of doing this course that the in car component be conducted with two learner drivers. Whilst we endeavour to accommodate each learners preference for transmission types, it may be necessary for some manual drivers to do this part of the course in an automatic car

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